The story of ADVA

The founders of ADVA, Shlomo and Naomi, are the parents of six boys, their fourth son, Elnatan, being born with down syndrome. Elnatan fills their life with light and love and gives them the drive to change the world for people and families with special needs. 

With a pioneering spirit and a commitment to include and value all people, they set out to create a workplace for people with special needs and intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Shlomo harnessed his agricultural knowledge and culinary skills to learn and perfect a winning recipe for 100% natural soap, including Elnatan in the entire soap making process. Seeing that Elnatan found tremendous satisfaction and delight in producing the soap, Shlomo and Naomi open their doors and hearts to spread the good to more people with IDD. 

Today, ADVA employs some special needs individuals with IDD and hope to hire more. The special employees work with volunteers who guide them and create a happy and relaxed work atmosphere. ADVA’s doors are open to everyone who wants to experience the unique atmosphere of value and inclusion of all people. 

ADVA is thoroughly committed to creating 100% natural soap. Each soap bar is a fusion of premium essential oils, flowers, organic herbs and Dead Sea mud, salts and minerals. We Invite you to try ADVA soaps and experience the luxurious, healthy washing experience that cleanses the body and awakens the soul.