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Happy Birthday!
Every year the same dilemma, what gift to buy this year for a birthday?
Let us help you, we have put together for you pampering and special gift packages.
Your gift will be personal, natural and special with social value, because our factory employs with love and respect people with special needs.

$34.80 $24.36

Four fine soaps for pampering and nourishing the body in health.


For softness, moisture and nourishment of the skin 50 ml (1.7 oz)


For deep and active nutrition, for rehabilitation And firming the skin 30 ml (1 fl oz)

$21.00 $14.70

Double pack of pomegranate and honey soaps


For moisture and natural nourishment 150 ml (5 oz)

$63.30 $44.31

A gift box that is all for pampering and natural nourishment

$75.30 $52.71

A particularly luxurious gift box for growth and flowering wishes

$60.30 $42.21

A gift box that gives a natural nourishment to the body and soothes the mind with a special aroma


Provides maximum moisture and protection to help regenerate the skin. 100 ml (3.4 oz)

$37.80 $26.46

A natural gift box that includes the soaps from the field series

$32.10 $22.47

A refreshing aroma of nourishing lemon

$109.20 $76.44

Natural, nourishing and luxurious package


choose soap from the list

$61.80 $43.26

A flowering, blooming and fragrant gift package filled with love


For disinfection and relief of skin irritations 100 gr


For gentle velvety and nourishing cleansing 500 ml (17 oz)


For cleaning and nourishment. Helps regenerate skin cells 150 ml (5oz)

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