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All our ingredients are natural treasures: olive oil, pomegranate, cinnamon, mint, rosemary and more
You can give a natural gift from the Land of Israel that they can enjoy, pamper
And enrich the body and soul with health.
Our products are also lovingly packaged by people with special needs making the gift value and social.


Double pack of pomegranate and honey soaps


A natural gift box that includes the soaps from the field series


A refreshing aroma of nourishing lemon


A flowering, blooming and fragrant gift package filled with love


A particularly luxurious gift box for growth and flowering wishes


Natural, nourishing and luxurious package


Particularly nutritious case


A gift box that gives a natural nourishment to the body and soothes the mind with a special aroma


A gift box that is all for pampering and natural nourishment


Fine olives, cold pressed


Soap to choose from with a ceramic soap box


For a refreshing fragrance in the space 150 ml


For a soothing fragrance in the space 150 ml

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