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The family factory

At ADVA, we make natural cosmetics with products from the land of Israel’s natural treasures.

Each product  is unique, enriched with beneficial healing herbs straight from nature, combined with essential oils that give natural scents and brings healing for your body and soul.

Shlomo Keshet established the ADVA cosmetics factory out of the need to find work for his son, Elnatan, who was born with Down Syndrome. Today, Elnatan and many others with special needs work at ADVA and earn a living with joy and great satisfaction.

This is the story of people who love life, and of a company that believes in making it possible for everyone to discover and reveal their own hidden treasures.

Our products

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All our products are without SLS and other toxins. they are handmade with love. Each product has a unique scent and healing properties for body and soul. our factory employs people with special needs from the Binyamin area.