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Personal and pampering end-of-year gifts
To Workers' Committee, Teachers, kindergarten teachers and anyone who would like to say thank you.
Thanks for a wonderful year
Thanks for the time invested
Thank you for the personal support and accompaniment
Thank you for the unconditional love
Thanks for everything!

At "ADVA" you can choose quality and natural products and gifts. The soaps are handmade with a lot of thought and love, and you will give this feeling along with the gift.
Everything is lovingly packaged by people with special needs. A gift for values and social.
You can add a personal and exciting greeting on a designed greeting card.


Double pack of pomegranate and honey soaps


A pair of special and sweet soaps


A natural gift box that includes the soaps from the field series


A refreshing aroma of nourishing lemon


A gift box that is all for pampering and natural nourishment


choose soap from the list


Four fine soaps for pampering and nourishing the body in health.


Soap to choose from with a ceramic soap box


For natural and healthy pampering


For pampering, nourishing and disinfecting the skin


For a nourishing and natural bath


For a refreshing fragrance in the space 150 ml


For a soothing fragrance in the space 150 ml

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