Our Story

ADVA is a story about people who love nature. Nature that allows people to reveal the natural treasure encapsulated in themselves.

ADVA produces natural cosmetics extracted from the natural treasures of our land. Natural soaps from Dead Sea mud and grooming products for the face and body. Every product is enriched with natural medicinal herbs that provide effective curing capabilities and fine essential oils that provide it with natural scents and effective cures for the body and soul.
Our body deserves the best! That’s why we don’t compromise on the quality of the raw materials we use, and use a cold-process manufacturing method to ensure we don’t lose the essential value and vitamins nature provides us with generosity and love.
Our factory is unique not only because of the unique products we create, but because of the unique, heartwarming story that stands behind its establishment. The factory was established with a goal to provide employment opportunities for people with special needs and to be an employment home filled with love, inclusion, and respect.

How it all started….

The story of ADVA (formerly Sabonato) started when Shlomo worked as an olive oil manufacturer at “Meshek Achiya.” While working there, Shlomo was exposed to the curing methods of olive oil and learned its unique qualities.

Love for the land, ground, and manual labor brought Shlomo to plant a high quality olive vineyard in the Benjamin Mountains. With a love for cooking, it was only a matter of time until the oil started to float on the face of the water and became incorporated into unique recipes….

מרכז המבקרים

And then…

After the olives were harvested and were pressed into oil, Shlomo used his love for olive oil and cooking to create a natural and healthy soap. He poured the oil into a pot and started to experiment with different compositions and combinations of oils and plants. Here, Shlomo started his journey into the world of natural soaps. For days and nights Shlomo worked diligently studying the soap-making craft. He prepared concoctions, infused plants, and mixed oils in an effort to develop unique recipes. Then, Shlomo started to manufacture high quality soaps, enriched with mud and salt from the Dead Sea. His relatives contributed to the work and couldn’t remain indifferent before the gentle texture, wonderful scents, and the influence of the soaps on the body and soul.


The Keshet family story has an older story to share, long before Shlomo was introduced to olive oil. Around 20 years ago, Naomi and Shlomo Keshet gave birth to their fourth son and discovered that they were rewarded with a beloved son diagnosed with Down syndrome. The parents understood that at this moment they received a lifelong mission, and decided to jump into it with all of their strength to help their sweet child, Elnatan, utilize his abilities just like they do with their medicinal herbs.


Elnatan works in the family factory. He and his friends make up half of the factory workers and earn a happy living through love and satisfaction. They wrap the soaps with love, just like they were wrapped from the moment they were born—each one with its unique qualities, each one with its fragrance

Our Team – Friends were added to work, the team expanded, we’d love to introduce ourselves:

Not all the workers wanted/could have been photographed for different reasons, but they get to the factory every day and are part of our wonderful and unique team.

אלנתן קשת

Elnatan Keshet

Born with Down syndrome, and knew which family to be born to… loves to seal stamps on soaps, and work with Abba in the factory.

אריאל אברמוביץ'

Ariel Abramowitz

Injured in a motorcycle accident and since then his life was changed. Loves to work in the factory, feels satisfaction that he can make a respectful living.

יהודה (דידי) ששון

Yehuda (Didi) Sasson

Lives in Ofrah, born with Down syndrome, loves to sing and work and combines both beautifully. You should come to the factory to see and hear.

Shira Shayovitz

Lives in Ofrah, born with Down syndrome, loves to package the soaps and enjoys the smell of soaps every day.

שלמה קשת

Shlomo Keshet
Founder and CEO

Married to Naomi, father of six sons amongst them Elnatan in whose merit the factory exists. Lives in Kochav HaShachar. Does everything to make the dream come true that ADVA should be a working home for people with special needs from around the area.

ארז צדוק

Erez Zadok

Married to Orit, fell in love with the factory and the people. Became officially addicted to the soaps when he first went to a hotel with a soap package with ADVA soap inside.

אורית קדים-צדוק

Orit Kadim-Zadok
COO: Sales and Marketing

Married to Erez (Chairman) and since working at ADVA together, they don’t only speak about children at home; ADVA became another “daughter” in their home.

שקד גולדנברג

Shaked Goldenberg
Certified Naturopathist

Married to Zvi, knows everything about correct nutrition, medicinal herbs, and many other related health things. She also performs naturopathic treatments in her clinic.