Visitors Center

ADVA offers an intriguing, sensory-stimulating tour for adults and a fun and exciting hands-on experience for children.
Our visitor center is a glimpse into a world of spiritual wealth
A world in which people of family and faith devote their life to the work of Eretz Yisrael and preserving its sacred lands by making the most of them.
Come visit us and tread where our ancestors walked, Smell the scents and meet the people.
For groups of 20 and over (adults) – the tour is free
The tour takes about 45 minutes. You must coordinate in advance.

There is an option to combine (at a cost of NIS 15 per participant and conditional in groups of minimum 15 participants) Amazing soap bubble workshop for children aged 3-83 (no mistake, adults also enjoy it…)

For details and coordinating a visit 

call us or click here