cheers for love

cheers for love

A gift for two for pampering and joy



Celebrate love

Package contents:
A fine Israeli boutique wine from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes,
A pair of special solid soaps:
Chocolate soap with a fragrant orchard scent, for cleansing and nourishing the skin, releasing tension and giving joy and energy to both body & soal.
Coffee soap with a fragrant forest scent, to keep skin young and healthy and help blood circulation, improve mood and give joy and peace of mind.

Another pair of extra pampering solid soaps:
Dead Sea mud soap Lavender for disinfection and natural nourishment of the skin
Organic hemp soap from cannabis seed oil, lavender and patchouli for disinfection and a pampering spa feeling

2 fragrances with a bottle of natural perfume for a pleasant fragrance in the space.
2 personal face towels, pleasant and absorbent 30/30 cm

Additional information
Weight 2030 g
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