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Rejoice ... smile ... dream ...
Pardon ... Love ... Fulfill ...
Treat yourself!
Women's Day is your day, where you appreciate what you do all year long.

Let's pamper ourselves or the woman next to us in a pampering and value-packed package
And we will give a gift from heart to heart with lots of appreciation and love.

You can add a personal and exciting greeting on a designed greeting card.


For cleansing the skin and a good mood 100 gr


For skin disinfection, relaxation and energy 100 gr


A natural gift box that includes the soaps from the field series


A flowering, blooming and fragrant gift package filled with love


A particularly luxurious gift box for growth and flowering wishes


Natural, nourishing and luxurious package

Out of stock

Particularly nutritious case


Natural anti-aging case for nourishing, restoring and firming for all skin types


A gift box that gives a natural nourishment to the body and soothes the mind with a special aroma

Out of stock

A gift box that is all for pampering and natural nourishment


A special gift from natural treasures


For nourishing the body in health


Care and nourishment package for the face and neck skin


Soap to choose from with a ceramic soap box


A gift for two for pampering and joy


A perfect gift for body and soul

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