Exfoliating soap Cinnamon

Exfoliating soap Cinnamon

For deep cleansing, disinfecting, and rejuvenation of the skin
100 gr



Exfoliating soap Cinnamon

A natural, exfoliating soap for disinfecting renewing skin cells. How is a natural, exfoliating soap produced? We add cinnamon bark to our medicinal herbs and high quality oil. This creates exfoliating chips which provide a refreshing feeling, a deep cleaning and renewal for your skin.

Which skin is suitable for?

Recommendation: Because it is an exfoliating soap it may not be suitable for facial skin or sensitive skin, so before using such areas it is recommended to first use on a small area


The main benefits

Cinnamon is known for reducing pain in the digestive system, warming up your body, contributing to the health of your heart and blood vessels, disinfecting skin, improving cognitive abilities and improving your mood.

Usage Instructions:
Wet body and or face. Soap, lather, and rinse off well

“Olive oil, Coconut oil, Palm oil, Castor oil, Sweet Almonds oil, Sesame oil, Shea butter, Salt and mud from the Dead Sea, Cinnamon powder, Cinnamon essential oil, various organic healing herbs from the hills of Binyamin.”

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